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EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT Long-term Rental Property This Exclusive Property Management Agreement is entered into by and between ( Owner ) and ( Agent ). IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual
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Music yep and then you just email it to the membership at Carolina home you should be getting an email about your access to I slope and all of that stuff once you do that then you'll know more what we're talking about but you can log into like your all's that forms to get the forms part of it and I'll be logged in to Sky see if you have your laptop you can if not it's not Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music all right good morning everyone thank you for coming I'm Shannon Sharpe and I'm going to be teaching you in C form straining so we're going to do a little bit of sit forms a little bit of slope and a little bit of learning about form so this class will be held every Wednesday first Wednesday of the month at 10 am and each month we'll go over very different like agency agreements today at the end of it but we're gonna teach you everything you need to know to dive in tears it forms in your and your scarf this isn't going to be a real zip form specific training it's going to be house it forms and size clothes work together and then how to get you to where you need to be when you're putting in your files okay good mm-hmm okay I've got everything on the board here this is my first class doing this so bear with me while I work out the case but I am logged into my sky slope and mines it forms so if you don't have your computer don't worry yes sorry this is also going to be live streamed on workplace there's a zoom call that people can join right now but will download the entire thing later so you can come back to it all right so we're gonna go over today right these are an intro to zip ones than an intro to Facebook how do you stitches sign we get a lot of questions about that as well how does it form schedules together how to use working documents means guys look that's where we as exp kind of house all of our things exp and all things worth Carolina in there as well I made a nice loop checklist cheat sheet if you want a copy of that I'll get your email addresses and I'll email it out to you we also have some common misconceptions and then we'll do the form of a month which is agency agreements and it'll take questions and answers if you have any questions while I'm going just interrupt me and it's easier to answer these questions all right so does everyone know how to get into yours it forms we go with that so the same login ID you're at your MLS ID and it took up there we're going to go over how to create a transaction how to add forms to your library and digital ink and yeah I need to get home because I pull up so many documents trying to figure out what there there are tons and tons and tons of documents but this is where you can create angstroms and forms that you can create them from sky slow but if your ends at forms you can create a transaction here which will just house your buyer's or seller's all of their forms...